How To Trace Your Family Tree

Wondering how to trace your family tree? Find genealogy how-to articles to successfully find your ancestors and build your family tree. Finding your ancestors does not have to overwhelming, but it does take time. Learning  step by step is the key to successful genealogy research. Here at Are You My Cousin? you will learn:

  • How to start your research the right way (Hint: It's with a plan!)
  • How to progress your research forward
  • How to find and use both common and uncommon genealogy records.
Starting your genealogy research the "right way" will be crucial to your success.  Start with what you know. Most genealogy researchers skim right over this step. Resist the temptation! If you are just starting out, you definitely want to start with  Genealogy For Beginners – Start Finding Your Ancestors! Regardless of where you are in your process to trace your family tree, you want to have a plan! Genealogy researchers do not let genea-friends research without one. If you want to be successful finding those ancestors, create your research plan. Learn how in How to Create Your Genealogy Research Plan (& Why You Should!) Sometimes researchers easily find the records they are looking for, but fail to fully understand what the record reveals about an ancestor. Analyzing a record for ALL of the clues is crucial. Learn how a thorough  analysis of a delayed birth certificate led to more genealogical clues! Searching for your ancestors is a rewarding experience! Let me help you lose your genealogy overwhelm and gain the confidence to find those elusive ancestors.