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I thought about calling this page “The Everything But the Kitchen Sink” page 😉, because that’s exactly what it is!

Below you will find every genealogy freebie, service and paid training I offer here at Are You My Cousin?.


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Masterclass: Finding An Ancestor’s Date of Death ($57)

In this masterclass, you will learn how to perform a complete search for that elusive date of death so that you can confidently fill out your family tree, complete that lineage society application or more completely tell your ancestor’s story!

Masterclass: How To Search For Your Ancestor's Date of Birth ($57)

In this masterclass, you will learn genealogy research strategies to conduct a thorough search for your ancestor's elusive date of birth so that you can confidently grow your family tree, more completely tell your ancestor’s story, or complete that lineage society application.

Masterclass: “Out of the Box” Genealogy Tools for Research ($57)

In this masterclass, you will learn how to perform searches and navigate ArchiveGrid, PERSI, WorldCat and (bonus!) Google Books to confidently move forward in your ancestor search. Save hours of research time and frustration and sharpen your genealogy research skills by adding these "non-genealogy" sites to your genealogy research plan.

Masterclass: Who Is In That Old Family Photo? ($57)

Do you stare at the faces in those old family photos and wonder.....Who is this? Are we related? In this masterclass, learn the process of analyzing your old family photo and identifying the people in those photographs, so that you can put a name to an ancestor's face.

Finding Female Ancestors E-course ($247)

In this 6 module self-paced comprehensive e-course, you will learn the genealogical strategies and resources (and where to find those needed resources) to trace your female ancestors. Take advantage of video instruction, handouts, and worksheets to find those elusive women in your family tree.

Books & Ebooks

Woman in white shirt holding Life Story So Far - Grandmother's Journal

My Life Story So Far - A Grandmother's Journal

Grandmothers have important stories to tell. Let's encourage them to reflect and write about everything that has shaped them and made them who they are today. It's perfect for grandmothers and grandmothers-to-be!

Woman in White shirt holding book - Grandfather's Journal

My Life Story So Far - A Grandfather's Journal

Grandfathers have important stories to tell. Let's encourage them to reflect and write about everything that has shaped them and made them who they are today. Perfect for the grandfather or grandfather-to-be!

Identify Your Old Family Photographs: Strategies to Analyze & Determine Who Is In Your Old Family Photographs ($19.97)

The task of putting a face to a name in old family photographs seems daunting, if not impossible. Learn the basics of identifying your ancestors in those old family photos with this e-book and workbook.

31 Days Days of "Out of the Box" Genealogy Tips (E-book) ($5)

Give your genealogy research a boost and explore a new genealogy tip for 31 days is this informative e-book.

Want more?

Work with me 1:1

Genealogy Coach for a Day ($297)

Are you looking for support in your genealogy research to stop spinning your wheels and get your research on track? Let me be your genealogy coach for a day! During your coaching day, you have access to me throughout the day as you research. Get a fresh perspective on your research, dive deep into your brick wall ancestor troubles or just get the right amount of support to get genealogy research back on track.


5 Things You CAN Do If You Cannot Find Your Ancestors in Census Records

Can't find your ancestor in the census record(s)? Did the census taker miss them? Try one (or all 5!) of these research strategies to locate your ancestors in the census records.

Video E-Course: Preparing for Genealogy Research Success

Learn how to set yourself up for efficient and successful genealogy research with this free 4 part video e-course.

The Big Genie List

Researching your ancestors is supposed to fun and rewarding. Easy? Well, not so much at times. If only we had a handy genealogy toolbox. The Big Genie List is that toolbox full of my favorite genealogy resources, databases and educational opportunities to assist you in the search for your ancestors.

9 Places to Look for Female Ancestors

Stuck trying to find a female ancestor? Wondering where to look next? Include these 9 types of genealogy records in your search for the women in your family tree.

7 Steps To Your Cemetery Research

Your step by step guide to cemetery research the next time you research your ancestor's place of burial. Do not miss out on clues the cemetery reveals about your ancestors.

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