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Set Sail on a Genealogy Cruise with Are You My Cousin?!

Genealogy Talks + A Carribean Cruise 🚢 = A Vacation of a Lifetime!

8 Night Cruise to Aruba, Bonaire, & Curacao!

Aboard the Celebrity Beyond!

27 April – 5 May 2024

Join us for an unforgettable adventure on the high seas as we delve into the world of genealogy research!

The 4-lecture series, “UnStick Your Genealogy: Underutilized Genealogy Resources & Strategies,” is led by me, genealogy expert Lisa Lisson. I will guide you through the lesser known record sets and community archives that can unlock the mysteries of your family’s past.

But that’s not all!

This cruise isn’t just about genealogy research!

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As we travel to the exciting destinations of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao on board the luxurious Celebrity Beyond, you’ll have plenty of time to explore and enjoy all the amenities the ship has to offer.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow genealogy enthusiasts, share research strategies, and swap stories during the cruise. [This might be my favorite part!]

Don’t miss this chance to expand your genealogy research horizons.

Join me from April 27 to May 5, 2024, for a unique and enriching journey that will uncover your family’s past like never before!

Book your spot now through Patricia Zale of Dream Vacations to ensure you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Patricia Zale (long time reader of Are You My Cousin?) is our cruise booking specialist. 😊🚢 We hope you can join us on this 8 Day Carribean Cruise on Celebrity’s Beyond.

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The Genealogy Sessions

As we embark on a journey of discovery beyond the usual genealogy records and databases, we’ll explore lesser-known resources and unconventional techniques to uncover genealogy’s hidden treasures.

1. Thinking Out of the Box: Unveiling Genealogy’s Hidden Gems

Get ready to break free from the constraints of traditional genealogy research! Embark on a journey of discovery beyond the usual records and databases, and explore lesser-known resources and unconventional techniques to uncover genealogy’s hidden treasures. From exploring unique record sets and digging into local community archives to using creative research strategies and tools, this lecture will empower you to think outside the box and unlock new avenues for finding elusive ancestors. Learn how to spot those hidden gems that can open doors to new insights and reveal surprising details about your family’s past.

2. Using Non-Genealogy Research Tools In the Search for Your Ancestors

Are you missing out on using NON-genealogy tools and record sources to find your ancestors? Once you exhaust the usual genealogy records such as censuses, wills/estate records, and vital records, do you know where else to turn? Let’s explore which search tools and finding aids to use, how to effectively and efficiently use finding aids such as ArchiveGrid, and how to get the most out of WorldCat and PERSI.

3. Beyond Names and Dates: Delving into Social History for Ancestral Clues

Beyond the traditional records, social history provides invaluable insights into the everyday lives of our ancestors. Delve into the customs, traditions, cultural practices, economic conditions, and social relationships of the past to uncover hidden gems that can bring your family history to life. From understanding the dynamics of family life and community interactions to exploring the cultural contexts of our ancestors, this lecture will provide you with practical strategies and techniques to enhance your genealogy research. Discover how social history can be a powerful tool in illuminating the stories of your ancestors and gaining a deeper understanding of their lives and experiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to go beyond names and dates and uncover the rich social history that shaped your family’s past.

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4. Don’t Miss a Beat: Unlocking Ancestral Clues in Newspapers – What You Might Be Missing!

Newspapers are a goldmine of information for family historians, but are you tapping into their full potential? From obituaries and marriage announcements to news articles and advertisements, newspapers offer a wealth of valuable details that may be missing from traditional genealogical records. Discover how to effectively search, interpret, and utilize newspapers to unearth fascinating stories and gain deeper insights into your family’s history. Make sure you’re not overlooking any clues that newspapers can reveal about your ancestors!

Hi, I’m Lisa!

I started researching my ancestors 15 years ago and quickly got stuck on the some of the female lines in my family tree.. I found myself with no idea what records to search or how to them hidden in the records I had.

I buckled down and studied my female ancestors and the records where they might appear. After years of research, I now know how to create my own female ancestor research plan. I know where to look and how to find the needed resources. Do I always find every female ancestor? Well, no, not always, but I am assured I’ve completed and documented an exhaustive search of the available records. 

Having gained the confidence in genealogy research skills and performing exhaustive researches, I want to help others discover the women in their family tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT is a Genealogy Cruise?

A genealogy cruise is an opportunity to experience a cruise vacation while also having the opportunity to learn more about researching your genealogy. Really, it’s the best of both worlds.

I’ll be offering four (4) genealogy presentations all focused on the theme of UnStick Your Genealogy: Underutilized Genealogy Resources & Strategies. Presentations will be given on sea days. That leaves everyone ample opportunity to explore the beautiful destinations of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao!

WHEN is the Cruise?

The Genealogy Cruise will be 27 April – 5 May 2024 leaving and returning to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on the Celebrity Cruise Ship Beyond. (It’s beautiful!)

WHAT ELSE should I know about the Cruise?

Cruise specialist Patricia Zale has set up a fabulous booking page just for Are You My Cousin? folks! Head over to the Are You My Cousin? Cruise page to learn more.

WHO are the Genealogy Sessions for?

 All of the genealogy sessions are perfect for the genealogy researcher who:

  • Is a beginner to intermediate level genealogy researcher
  • Is struggling to get past a “brick wall” ancestor
  • Is struggling to find the needed genealogy resources on and off of the major sites like and FindMyPast and MyHeritage
  • Wants to ensure their research into their ancestors is thorough and complete.

Please note, to attend the genealogy sessions you must be booked through Dream Vacations.

WHAT if I have more questions?

If you have genealogy questions about the cruise, reach out to Lisa. For questions about the cruise itself, booking your cruise and travel to and from the port, contact Patricia Zale of Dream Vacations at [email protected].

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