I’ve been there…

Searching for Ancestors who don’t want to be found and wondering and wondering if building the family tree is even possible.

Frustrated wondering if you are finding everything in the online genealogy databases or where to look next?

Either way you are stuck in your search for the ancestors.

Can’t find a female ancestor’s maiden name or just plain stuck with an ancestor who appears to have simply disappeared?

But, then….. a clue. A new-to-you record collection.

A spark of inspiration. You discover new information about your ancestor and add a new name to your family tree.

These moments are exhilarating, yet seem to come too infrequently. They don’t have to. I know, because I used to get so frustrated at not knowing the next step in my genealogy research. I sharpened my genealogy research skills and now my goal is to help you learn the genealogy research skills to find your ancestors and grow your family tree.

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So What’s My Story, You Ask?


Hi, I’m Lisa Lisson

I help genealogy researchers who are stuck in their research learn where to search for their ancestors’ records and how to access those records.

I grew up attending family reunions and hearing the family stories and lore. I heard the family stories, but never really listened. I told myself, “One day, I’ll ask about that.” Fast forward to a more recent time when my family’s older generation is no longer with us or their memories are lost to dementia.

Had I lost the chance to learn more about my family’s history and where we came from?

Fortunately, the answer was No! Genealogy research was the answer. I quickly realized researching genealogy was like trying to assemble the world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle….only I had to find the puzzle pieces first before I could put them together!

Lisa Lisson wearing brown jacket

But where and how could I find information (or puzzle pieces) of my ancestors’ lives?

I began to read and study. I researched how to research my genealogy. I collected oral histories. I researched ancestors at state archives and small rural courthouses. I made mistakes (a lot), but piece by piece I began gathering my puzzle pieces and placing them in our family tree.

I learned strategies for researching traditional and nontraditional record sources and have discovered techniques for finding the location of needed record sources. My family’s stories and history are not lost ( and neither are yours!). The answers to our genealogy questions are there, we just have to know how to find them.

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So…..Why Are You My Cousin?

  • First off, I’ve been there. I have stared at those genealogy brick walls and wondered “What next?”. I’ve overcome tough genealogical research questions and kept my research on track.
  • I teach and speak on genealogy at genealogy conferences, society meetings and masterclasses.
  • I am a techie, and love showing you how to use new research tools to find and organize your genealogy research.
  • I challenge you to think “outside of the genealogy box” and explore non-traditional genealogy resources.
  • I still struggle in my genealogy research sometimes. I continue to tackle a couple of those brick wall ancestors. But even in the struggles, I consistently use a research plan and strategies to keep the research on track and ensure I have done a complete search for an ancestor.  
  • Most of the time I am successful in finding those ancestors! Even when an ancestor eludes me, I am confident an exhaustive search has been concluded.
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Here’s some fun facts about me:

  1. I love coffee, but do not like coffee flavored things.

2. I have a sweet tooth for chocolate.

3. I am a runner. Really, I love to run!

4. I hold degrees in Biology and Physical Therapy.

5. If I’m not running or researching, I’m probably traveling.

6. I was an exchange student in Finland.

7. I love a good spy movie.

8. Believe it or not, I’m quite introverted!

9. I’m Team Candy Corn!

Let’s Work Together

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