Restore your old family photos and discover new clues to your family history! "Fix Your Pics" with Vivid-pix software and preserve those precious photos! #genealogy #familyphotos
How To Trace Your Family Tree,  Old Family Photos

How To Restore Old Family Photos With Vivid-Pix Restore (Tutorial)

Restore old family photos and discover new clues to your family history! “Fix Your Pics” with Vivid-Pix Restore and preserve precious photos!

Do you have boxes of old family photos on the top shelf of your closet? 

What if I told you that you valuable clues in your family history research are sitting in those boxes?

Have I got your attention?! Now grab those old family photos and let’s get to work.

I have a large collection of  old family photos that I was graciously gifted when I began to explore our family’s history. Many of the photos were recognizable, but fading had caused  some details to be lost. Others were faded or yellowed and obviously suffered some water damage.

Learn how to restore and fix old family photos using Vivid-Pix. Discover new clues to your family history research!#genealogy #familyphotos

Could these photographs be saved for future generations to enjoy and connect with?

Could I restore them? 

Could I find more clues  to use in my research? 

Okay, I’ll admit that restoring a photo seemed 1) expensive and/or 2) hard. Happily, I was wrong on both accounts.  (Because you know I’m a frugal researcher!)

Restoring Old Family Photos – A Vivid-Pix Tutorial

Vivid-Pix fit my needs perfectly with a short learning curve. I watched their 5 minute tutorial and was ready to start restoring my old family photos.

Let me show you what I did. After all, a picture is a thousand words! (I couldn’t resist.)

This dress-up photo is a family favorite. In case you are wondering, yes, that’s me! As you can see the original photograph is quite yellowed and faded. The years have not been kind to this photo and others in my collection.

Using Vivid-Pix I was able to correct the colors and fading (in under 5 minutes!) and share my fashion sense with the world. 😳

Learn how to restore and fix old family photos using Vivi-Pix. Discover new clues to your family history research! #genealogy #familyhistory

Take a look at this example below, and see how I was able to find clues to an ancestor’s life after the photo was restored.

Learn how to restore and fix old family photos using Vivid-Pix. Discover new clues to your family history research!#genealogy #familyhistory

Let me give you a little background first. This construction photo was found among old Howard family photos, but was not labeled.

A photograph of a crane was not something I would normally expect to find. Photos of dogs were popular, but not cranes. Obviously, the photo has some significance to someone in the Howard family. The logical conclusion was I had an ancestor involved in the construction business.

I used Vivid-Pix to correct the color and contrast and sharpen the image. That’s when I noticed something in the corrected photograph.  See that sign by the crane? Blown up, the sign revealed the name of the contractor company!

Fast forward through genealogy research using the construction company’s name, oral history, census records and Raleigh city directories the mystery behind the photograph was revealed.

This is the photograph of the crane my great grandfather Connie Howard operated while working on the North Carolina Education building in downtown Raleigh. Today, I think of my great grandfather every time I walk by the building.

Watch how I used Vivid-Pix to restore my photos in this video!

My challenge to you!

Get those old family photos out of the closet for a second (or third or fourth….) look.

Don’t disregard potential clues in them just because the photograph is old and faded. Make an effort to restore AND preserve the photo using software like Vivid-Pix.

Take advantage of the Vivid-Pix Free trial! It’s a great way to try out the software with your own photos and see if it’s right for you.

***I received complimentary copy of Vivid-Pix for review. All thoughts statements are my own. I am a Vivid-Pix affiliate which means I may earn a commission if you decide to purchase a product/service. This does not cost you extra. Be assured I only recommend products/services that I use and think you would like too. Read my disclosure policy and privacy policy.

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  • Anita Bartlett

    What format does Vivid-Pix save to? Tiff is much clearer than Jpg over time. Interesting software. Thank you for sharing!

    • LisaL

      Anita, This is a great question! Vivid-Pix will automatically creates and saves a high resolution TIF or JPEG without affecting the original. One of the things I love is Vivid-Pix will also create a sharing resolution file which is great for sending in an email or sharing on social media.

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