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A Baker’s Dozen of Free Genealogy Websites! Are You Missing These?

Explore more free genealogy websites for your ancestors. 13 helpful and lesser used databases, for the genealogy researcher.

We’ve all heard it. “It” being not all records we need for genealogy research are online. 

That is absolutely true. 

We’ve also heard (and experienced) that genealogy research can be expensive. 

Also, absolutely true.  Subscription databases, DNA tests and travel to archives and local libraries all add up.

Saving money and being frugal genealogy researchers is important to us! We have limited genealogy dollars and we want to make those dollars count.

I’m here to help!

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13 Free Genealogy Websites

I’ve got a baker’s dozen (13) free genealogy websites that you might have missed.

The list is eclectic. You may be familiar with some, but others may be completely new to you. Many of databases are lesser known or used sites that can definitely benefit the genealogy researcher.

In showing you these, I hope you will be inspired to think beyond traditional type pf records and databases we typically use in our search for our ancestor. I challenge you to explore online for your specific research needs.

Wondering how to actually search online for free genealogy websites? Keep on reading, and I’ll show you how down below.

But first, the list:

1.Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records   – I’m surprised it took me so long to find this site.  You will find death index and records divided out by state and then county. You will want to add this to your Google Chrome bookmarks.

2. The USGS Name Search   – Here is another one I’ve added to my bookmarks. The USGS Name Search functions as an online gazateer. Names of towns, rivers and other land features changed. Use this tool to discover alternate names to use in your research.

3. Meredith College Carlyle Campbell Library Archives – Are you including college and university archives in your genealogy research on a regular basis? If not, consider it! This example from Meredith College  (a female Baptist college located in Raleigh, North Carolina) is a good example of what a smaller college collection can hold. Often their compass life and history are well documented. If your ancestor attended a college or even worked at one, you need to include their archives and collections in your search. 

Learn how I found my great grandfather at an all female college!

4. NARA Accesss  To Archival Data  – I discovered NARA’s AAD search page years ago and have circled back around to it. You will be able to search a selection of NARA’s databases that includes over 247 million records.  I recommend starting with the “Getting Started Guide” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Nara AARD page
Source: NARA

5. MayFlower History   – Do you suspect you descend from one of the passengers on the Mayflower?  This site covers Mayflower passengers, Mayflower history and Mayflower genealogy. Additionally, you will find links to more genealogy related resources to help in your ancestor search.

6. Historic Hospital Admission Records Project –  I’m always fascinated by hospital records in my research. Finding them can be tough,  but this unique site has 19th century children’s hospital records in London, England and Glasgow, Scotland. 

7. Europeana – While not specifically a genealogy website, if you are researching European ancestors, you will want to take a look. Social history is important to your genealogy research. I cannot stress that enough! (I even wrote a blog post on it.)  Learn about your ancestors cultural heritage through Europeana’s collections

8. Digital Public Library of America Includes large digital collection of Family Bibles, photographs, Civil War records just to name a few. Don’t miss this one!

woman at laptop

9. Avotaynu  – The leading publisher of books on Jewish Genealogy, Avotaynu offers the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index. You will also find a great 5 minute guide to Jewish genealogy you want to check out.

10. Documenting the American South (DocSouth) – You will find collections of resources focused on the southern United States and its people. If your ancestors lived in the southern states, DocSouth is a must for your research.

11. Digital Library on American Slavery (DLAS) – The DALS is an ever growing database of collections focusing on race and slavery in the southern U. S. Collections include Race and Slavery Petitions Project , The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, and People Not Property – Slave Deeds of North Carolina

12. Women Working 1800 – 1930 Tracing female ancestors? Check out this Harvard collection on  women’s impact on the economic life of the United States.

Genealogy Tip – Learn about social issues impacting your female ancestors by exploring Harper’s Bazaar magazines. You’ll find them free on Google Books!

13. Irish Genealogy Toolkit – Irish Ancestors? Bookmark the Irish Genealogy Toolkit! I came across this site while searching for my Irish GGG grandmother. I haven’t found her yet, but I will!

There you have it!  13 – or a Baker’s Dozen – of free genealogy websites to search for your ancestors. For quick access while you are researching, be sure to bookmark each one.

[Learn how to organize your Google bookmarks.]

How To Search For More Free Genealogy Websites

Chances are good I didn’t cover all of your needs above. No list could ever be complete, so I want to show you how to perform your own search for free genealogy websites.

Open up Google Search in a new tab on your computer.

In the search bar type “free genealogy websites”. 

google search for free genealogy websites

This is a broad search, so let’s narrow things down a bit by adding a location.

Searching for “U.K. free genealogy websites” restricts results to the United Kingdom. 

google search for uk free genealogy websites

Another option is to search for free genealogy records within a database such as .

Structure your search to include  “free genealogy records on

google search for free records at

Avoid This Common Genealogy Mistake

Researching our ancestors can be difficult when we hit those genealogy brick walls. We all have them – at least I do! 

Do not forget to go back and re-check an online repository or a collection for updates.

Many repositories are adding to their online collections.  Mark your calendar to check back periodically. If the repository has a newsletter, sign up! That’s the best way to stay up to date when new record collections come online. 

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  • Susi Winquist

    What’s the best way to locate where my ancestors entered the country in the 1880’a to early 1900’s?
    Where do I look for naturalization records?

    • LisaL

      The major genealogy databases have naturalization records and ship passenger lists. That’s the easiest place to start looking.

  • Mitzi A Bailey

    I really like your posts; lots of good information and is very helpful. However, the ads are a terrible distraction. I like to print the posts so I can refer to them later. But it takes way too much paper due to the ads. I woud rather pay a subscription fee to your site and not have to bother with the ads. Other than that, your site is great! Thx!

    • LisaL

      Sorry the ads are a distraction! I really don’t do that to irritate readers, I promise. They do allow me to bring tons of free content to readers.

  • Trisha

    I also enjoy keeping your articles for reference. But after I save it I go back and delete all of the ads. And I also only keep digital copies.

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