You want to find your ancestors.Lisa Lisson profile pic

  • You want to find out who your ancestors were.
  • You want to solve a family mystery.
  • You want to find out where your ancestors originated.
  • You want to find a sense of identity.

But let’s face it.  Researching genealogy can be HARD. It can be tricky and every genealogist has at least one “brick wall”.

I believe researching your genealogy does not have to be overwhelming.  All you need is a solid plan, a genealogy toolbox, and the knowledge to use those tools.

Now imagine finding the puzzle pieces that are your family’s history and putting them together to create your family tree. Or imagine finding the puzzle pieces in the records to solve a family mystery.

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I grew up attending family reunions and hearing the family stories and lore.  I heard the stories, but never really listened. I told myself, “One day, I’ll ask about that.” Fast forward  to a more recent time when my family’s older generation is no longer with us or their memories are lost to dementia.  

Had I lost the chance to learn more about my family’s history and where we came from?

Fortunately, the answer was No!  Genealogy research was the answer.  I quickly realized researching genealogy was like trying to assemble the world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle….only I had to find the puzzle pieces first before I could put them together!  But where and how could I find information (or puzzle pieces) of my ancestors’ lives?

I began to read and study. I researched how to research my genealogy.   I collected oral histories. I researched ancestors at state archives and small rural courthouses.  I made mistakes (a lot), but piece by piece I began gathering my puzzle pieces and placing them in our family tree.

I learned strategies for researching traditional and nontraditional record sources and have discovered techniques for finding the location of needed record sources.  My family’s stories and history are not lost ( and neither are yours!).  The answers to our genealogy questions are there, we just have to know how to find them.

Two Men in bow Ties from early 1900'sHow I Can Help YOU

Having a good plan and finding the resources you need to execute your research plan will get you started to successful research.  I created for you a Genealogy Resources page just for you as well as genealogy tips videos. If you are struggling to identify old family photographs, I created Identify Your Ancestors In That Photograph: Strategies to Analyze and Determine Who Is In Your Family Photos.

“After both my parents died, I thought my links to my family history were lost forever. I turned to a genealogy website to try to track down information about my heritage, and found evidence that I qualified to be a Daughter of the American Revolution. Knowing that the official paperwork would require documentation of my ancestors, I turned to Lisa Lisson (no relation) for assistance. She helped track down the links between my Patriot ancestor and me, and helped me to submit my documents to become a Daughter of the American Revolution. Lisa also sent me wonderful detail-filled reports on different members of my family. I have built quite a collection of reprints of family history books based on the sources she found. Lisa’s reports and my book collection will be a resource for my young nephews when they get older and begin asking about where they came from. I can share stories of Puritans and farmers and witchcraft and Irish butchers and Indian raids and pioneers!” – Kathleen L.


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