Genealogy Research

Explore genealogy research tips designed to help you get the most out of your research. Find tutorials and in-depth posts on all things genealogy. Successful genealogy research requires solid research skills. Don't let that thought overwhelm you! [We're not in high school anymore. No grades will be given.] Like you, we all want to connect to our past through our ancestors. We want the current generations of our family to be grounded in their family history. We want to build and  document the family tree for future generations to come. Let  Are You My Cousin? take you through tutorials and teach you how to find your ancestors and build your family tree. You will find articles on research strategies, where and how to find the records your ancestors generated, and how to analyze those records.  I want to make sure you are not missing out on potential genealogical clues to finding your ancestors. Most importantly, I want to help you not be overwhelmed! You will also learn about uncommon genealogy resources and how to think "outside of the genealogy box".  Solving brick wall ancestor problems can require uncommon strategies. You will find a mixture of guides and tutorials on the website. Learn from tutorials such as: