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“Don’t Miss” MyHeritage Features – Getting the MOST From Your Search

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover your family’s history? Look no further than MyHeritage! With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, MyHeritage is one platform for genealogy research you don’t want to miss. 

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You know the fun thing about attending a major genealogy conference such as RootsTech?

You get to see and try out the latest new products and features many companies release to coordinate with the conference!

[Oh, and don’t forget the rubbing of elbows with celebrities – which I totally did at RootsTech 2023! 🤩]

Lisa Lisson talking with American Idol Jordan Sparks in front of RootsTech backdrop
Me Talking with American Idol Jordin Sparks

And at the RootsTech 2023 experience, MyHeritage did not disappoint with their newest features.  In the video below, I show you what those features are and how to use them!

MyHeritage never disappoints with their feature releases, and I’m going to share with you my other favorite tools at MyHeritage and why I use MyHeritage!

MyHeritage Color Coding for Family Tree

MyHeritage released Color Coding for your family tree, and I’m loving it!

Of course, when I create timelines for my ancestors, I’ve shared I like to use paper and pencils including color pencils to give myself a different perspective on the research.

The color coding of the family tree lines helps me to visualize each to my paternal and maternal lines quickly. 

When I am stuck on a problem ancestor, I find viewing my family tree from a different angle or viewpoint helps me see what I might have been missing. For me at MyHeritage, it means viewing that family tree in the traditional pedigree chart (both vertical and horizontal orientations) and the fan chart. I can turn the colors on and turn them off. 

I realize this may not seem like much to some, but working with my tree and the colors, I stop viewing my family tree the same old way and start to see possible new patterns. 

Here’s a quick video on what that can look like:

The MyHeritage cM Explainer

Now let’s talk about DNA! 🧬

Yes, I’m going there without my trusty DNA friend Mary Eberle!

The cM Explainer is MyHeritage’s latest DNA tool. It allows you to more accurately determine exactly how you and your match are related by using the amount of DNA you share AND your ages. 

You are then better able to focus your research of your DNA match and determination of your relationship.

The Powerful Search and Matching Features at MyHeritage

Searching for your ancestors has never been easier thanks to MyHeritage‘s advanced search and matching features. The platform’s smart algorithms efficiently sift through the vast database to locate relevant records and family tree matches. 

With features like Record Matches and Smart Matches, you can connect with relevant data and potential relatives. These match tools streamline your research process, allowing you to focus on discovering intriguing details about your family’s past. 

But, remember, those matches are not confirmed! They are the best suggestions based on the algorigthm. You must analyze and verify those matches before adding them to your family tree.

Genealogy Pro Tip – ALWAYS verify information you put on your family tree. ✏

Photo Tagging and Organization

MyHeritage has a whole suite of photographic tools designed to help you preserve and enhance your ancestor’s likeness and stories. 

Tagging is one of its more recent tools, and I find using the tags helps me to label and organize my photos on the platform. 

The most recent tool [May 2023] in MyHeritage’s photo suite is the ReImagine tool. Reimagine is a one-stop-shop where you can scan, improve, and share your photos. The app easy to use, and with its scanning ability, storage capacity, and AI photo enhancement tools, it’s easy to manage your old family photos.

Timeline Views for Ancestral Clues

You knew I was going to talk about that timeline view, right?!  

Timelines are powerful tools in our search for the ancestors. I use them to get a perspective on my ancestors’ lives. I also look for patterns by studying and comparing timelines. 

Here’s a quick video to the MyHeritage timeline feature in action.

Consistency Checker for Family Tree Integrity

How healthy is your family tree? 

Maintaining the integrity of your family tree is vital, and I use MyHeritage‘s consistency checker to keep my tree healthy. 

The consistency checker analyzes the family tree for potential errors, such as inconsistent or contradictory information, missing dates, or unlikely relationships. I do make mistakes sometimes ,and this tool flags those inconsistencies. I can then evaluate the best way to correct them.  

Learn even more about MyHeritage in this previous Livestream with Daniel Horowitz, Expert Genealogist at MyHeritage! It’s always a delight to learn from Daniel!

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