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A Beginner’s Genealogy Guide to New Features at MyHeritage

A beginner’s genealogy guide to four MyHeritage features to help you build an accurate and healthy family tree.

You’ve heard about MyHeritage and may have even tested your DNA there, but did you know they have some fantastic new (and not so new)  features designed to help you build an accurate family tree?

Explore 4 of my favorite features used to build my own family tree over at MyHeritage.

Here is a summary of those fantastic tools. Watch them in action in the video at the bottom.

MyHeritage Smart Matching

Smart Matching™ matches people in your family tree with people in other family trees that MyHeritage members all over the world have created on MyHeritage

As the family historian and genealogy research, you still must do your due diligence to determine if the smart match is accurate or not. Like hints offered at or FindMyPast, use the matches as clues to build your research.

The MyHeritage Consistency Checker

We all make mistakes in the search for those ancestors. At least, I do!

The consistency checker is one tool every genealogy researcher and pursuer of family history needs. It shows the mistakes in your family tree where you might have a child being born before a mother was born or a woman marrying at too young of an age. 

It’s like a proofreader for your tree.

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The Relationship Report

Do you have that ancestor in your family tree, but are not sure of the exact relationship they are to you? Are they are third cousin twice removed? A 5th cousin?

The updated relationship report at MyHeritage goes way beyond just labeling a relationship as “2C1R”. It gives you a visual representation of the relationship and draws the path through your family tree for you.

Understanding how individuals in the family tree are related and getting a new perspective on those individuals is an important strategy in breaking down brick walls.

Timelines – My Favorite Genealogy Tool!

I love timelines and create them for all types of research projects I work on.  The brand new Timelines feature at MyHeritage is a quick and visually appealing way to put the ancestors in better perspective of one another.

Once again, shifting your focus and looking at ancestors from a different perspective is a crucial skill for finding your ancestors and breaking down genealogy brick walls.

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  • Bob Scott

    Hello Lisa, this is bob scott with a queasion ! A while back on 23andMe DNA, I was told I had a percentage of Welch DNA, over the last two months I received two contacts of Welch decent giving family names but no BMD information.
    In both cases of requeasting help. both contacts never replied ! How can I break this cycle any sugestions gratfully received.
    Many Thanks,


  • Curt W Richason

    I am thinking about doing a DNA test with my father. I have his ancestors to his great grandfather. Cost is a concern. Who and which test do you recommend?

  • Linda Brawt Taylor

    Hi Lisa, I’m hoping to add more information to my beginners-genealogy-myheritage. Is it still possible to do? I’ve been finding clues on my own and want to add information to my tree. Still would like to continue for free, I can not afford to do it otherwise and they still have my number too. If not, is there a way that I can print the tree here. Thank you, sincerely, Linda

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