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Everything You Need to Know About the NEW MyHeritage Photo Repair

Old damaged photos in your collection? Use the MyHeritage Photo Repair tool to repair and enhance your old family photos.

You’ve found your grandmother’s photo only to discover it has cracks, scratches or worse. Is there anything you can do?

I have good news! Yes, you can repair digital copies of your ancestor’s photo using the NEW MyHeritage Photo Repair. They’ve partnered once again with De-Oldify to grow their suite of photo enhancement options.

sepia photo of woman in white 1920's dress with words Photo repair tool for family photos

It’s brand new, and is a perfect complement to MyHeritage‘s other tools for colorization, photo enhancement and animation. [Okay, I’ll admit I’m still struggling with the animation feature. It takes me back to when I was a little girl and afraid of those old portraits on the wall. I was afraid they were watching me! Now they can! Eeek!]

But the MyHeritage Photo Repair tool? I can get behind that!

Introducing the MyHeritage Photo Repair Tool

Seeing the tool in action is the best way to realize it’s potential. I made a short video for you to see how I used it to clean up an old family photo of my great-great grandmother.

Oh, the potential!

Limitations of Photo Repair

As you experiment with the photo repair tool, you will notice certain limitations and there may still be areas that remain unfixed. It happens.

Some areas of your photograph may not have enough pixels or needed information for the program to determine the needed fix. We saw this with the colorization tool initially. Remember the zombie effect? I expect over time, improvements will be made. Still, I’m a fan!

đź“ťDon’t Miss This Genealogy Tip!

Do no store old photos in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Both will damage photos.

How Much Does It Cost?

I know this is what you have been wondering. Photo Repair is available to all MyHeritage users for free to experiment with several photos. The specific number of photos has not been stated. Once you reach your limit, a complete subscription is needed to repair more photos. [Learn about the different levels of subscriptions HERE.]

Head on over and start experimenting the photo repair feature or read more about it over on MyHeritage’s blog.

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