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Genealogy is my passion and profession!

  • Are you interested in pursuing your genealogy but do not know where to start? Is time an issue?
  • Do you have North Carolina ancestors but live out of state? Are you unfamiliar with local and state genealogical resources?
  • Are you a professional genealogist needing records from the North Carolina State Archives or other local repositories?
  • Do you need a creative way to share share your family history with others?

I am here to assist you at whatever level of genealogical research you find yourself.

I have grown up  and continue to live in North Carolina. (It is a beautiful state!) In doing so, my roots run deep in North Carolina and Virginia.  I understand the history of the area and its people as well as the culture that is unique to the south. I have easy access to the North Carolina archives and other local repositories as well as the rural courthouses of south central Virginia.


If you are interested in my genealogy research services, proceed to the  Lisson Genealogy Services.

If you are interested in learning more about North Carolina genealogy and genealogy research in general, proceed to my blog Are You My Cousin?.

Need a unique gift for the genealogist in the family? For yourself?  Proceed to Esther’s Place (and have fun browsing!). 

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  1. Katherine Elliott

    I am researching my husband family tree for his birthday. His line is Chad Elliott-Haley Allen Elliott-Haley Peele Elliott-Samuel Elliott-Elias Elliott-King Elliott-Robert Elliott-William Adams Elliott-George Elliott, at least that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I would love it if you could share any photos or stories. Thanks.

    1. LisaL Post author

      Katherine, It is so nice to hear from a cousin! I will follow up with you by e-mail, but in the meantime, if you put “Elliott” in the search box, you should find a photograph of Elias Elliott and his second wife.

      I am interested in how you have connected Robert Elliott as the father of King Elliott. King has been my brickwall for a long time!

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