Genealogy Gift Guide 2015

Genealogy Gift Guide 2015

The holidays are coming!  What do you get the genealogists in your family? (For yourself?!) Need a gift for the person who has “everything”?

Who couldn’t use a little help from this year’s Genealogy Gift Guide. Below are suggestions gleaned from around the web to help you with your holiday shopping this year.



  • A Genealogy Cruise – Give the gift of a genealogy vacation!
  • Genealogy Conference –  NGS 2016, Rootstech 2016, and FGS 2016  just to name a few
  • A Research trip to a distant location
  • Family Reunion – Is there a family reunion in your future?

Genealogy Christmas Gift Guide


Genealogists love books!

  • Local history books on your favorite genealogist’s area of research.
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot – Not a genealogy book per se, but an incredible family history read. (It’s one of my favorites!)
  • The Journey Takers by Leslie Albrecht Huber – One of my favorites! Follow the author’s journey in discovering her family’s history.


Family History Gifts

  • Family history books – Create your own family history book, but don’t wait too long! The time to start is now!
  • Heritage Jewelry from Esther’s Place – Custom jewelry and gifts featuring your ancestors.
  • Genealogy Mug  - Enjoy your morning coffee!
  • Recipe book – Create a family recipe book.
  • A Family Tree Chart – Family ChartMasters has a great selection.

Genealogy Christmas Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers

  • Rolls of quarters
  • “School Supplies” – paper, pens, pencils for all that research
  • Coin purse (for those quarters!)
  • Snacks – Genealogists don’t take long meal breaks!
  • Gift certificate

Do you have a great gift idea?  Share in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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Halloween Tricks? Or Treats?

Halloween is not far off. With my children being too old to trick or treat, we do not do much around our house other than pass out candy to the trick or treaters.

Halloween Tricks? Treats?

But, being the family historian and genealogist that I am …..

I interviewed my parents about how their Halloween traditions.

Growing up in the 1940′s in outside of South Boston, Va Halloween was more about the tricks than the treats.  At least for the boys!

Flaming Cow Poop (Yes, you read that right!)

The Talbott cousins grew up in rural southern VA.   The family was primarily a farming family.  On Halloween the boys would get a cow patty (that’s cow poop, just so we are clear) and place it in a grocery sack.  They would then place the sack of cow poop on an unsuspecting  person’s porch, light the sack on FIRE and knock on the door.  Oh yes, and RUN.  The person would open their front door, see a grocery sack on fire…..and stomp the fire out.

Use your imagination on how that went.

Do you want to get your children interested in family history? You just need three words: Granddad and Cow Poop!

Mysterious Chairs Rocking By Themselves

Those Talbott cousins were at it again. The boys would make a dummy person out of things they found on the farm.  Next, they would place the dummy in a rocking chair on someone’s front porch. They would then tie a rope around the rocking chair and hide off to the side of the porch.  One person would ring the doorbell and then hide. When the door opened, one of the boys would pull the rope and rock the chair creating a spooky sight for the homeowner!

I’ve been assured my father was not the ring leader in any of these tricks, but one of the younger boys following the older cousins.  At least that’s his story and he’s sticking to it!

Happy Halloween

All About the Treats

Let’s move on to the maternal side of the family.  Growing up outside of Greensboro, NC, my mother’s family was still pretty rural.  There were about 4-5 houses of close neighbors and friends.  All the children would dress up and trick or treat at each other’s houses.  No real tricks were done. In this case, it was more about the treats.  The mothers would bake really good treats for the kids – homemade cookies, candy apples – that sort of thing. No store-bought candy there.  Overall, a lot of fun with friends is remembered,but no tricks.

What Halloween stories does your family have?  Was Halloween about the tricks or the treats?