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NEW! The “Passing the Plate Podcast”: Savoring Your Culinary Heritage

I am thrilled to introduce my brand-new podcast, Passing the Plate, where the aroma of food mingles with the rich tapestry of family history.

Ashley Covelli from Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen and I have joined forces to create a brand new podcast that celebrates food AND family history! We like to think of it as a flavor-packed adventure that transcends generations.

Ashley Covelli and Lisa Lisson smiling in the market

What’s on the Menu at Passing the Plate?

Every week, Ashley and I will guide you through the delicious world of food, traditions, and the incredible connections they forge.

We’ll talk about different aspects of food and family, and we’ll share recipes, stories and yummy food memories from our own lives. We hope to inspire you to celebrate your own family’s culinary heritage and to pass down your favorite recipes to future generations.

From exploring family histories to learning how to modernize favorite family recipes to creating new family traditions, each episode will be a feast for the senses.

Preserving Recipes, Creating Memories

Passing the Plate isn’t just about tasting delicious dishes; it’s about preserving the essence of family recipes and traditional ingredients for future generations.

You’ll discover the stories behind cherished recipes and learn how they’ve been passed down through the years.

Why You’ll Love It

Expect a podcast that’s not only a celebration of togetherness but also a source of inspiration for your own culinary adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen newbie, Passing the Plate guarantees an engaging and enjoyable experience that spans across time and taste.

How to Join Us at the Table

Ready to join us at our virtual table? Tune in to Passing the Plate on your favorite podcast platform, and let the culinary exploration begin!

Get ready to savor the stories, one recipe at a time.

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The foods we cook and eat tell stories of who we are and where we’ve been. The foods we eat tell the stories of our ancestors, too. Learn more about how you incorporate food memories and your family’s culinary history in your own family history!

Stay tuned and stay hungry for more!

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