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Genealogy Podcasts: Your Guide To the Best Genealogy Podcasts!

Genealogy podcasts are great resources for genealogy education on the go! Listen to a variety of genealogy topics while running your errands.

I ran my first half marathon when I was 51 with the Genealogy Gems podcast by Lisa Louise Cooke in my ears the whole time! What’ more, I trained in the months leading up to the race with a variety of genealogy podcasts in my ears.

Genealogy education + working out = Multi-tasking at its best!

Podcasts are more popular than ever. According to Podcast Insights in 2020, podcast listeners can choose from over 850,000 shows. Comedy is the most popular category with education following in a close second.  Regardless, of your interests, you can find a podcast on that topic. 


What Is A Podcast & Why Should You Listen?

Not familiar with podcasts? I’ve got you covered.

Podcasts first started to become popular in 2004.  Quite simply, a podcast is an audio show you can download and  listen to on your computer, cell phone or tablet.

Established podcasters release new episodes frequently, so you can follow your favorites.  Find a favorite podcast or 2 ( or 3 ….)? Be sure and subscribe to it and you will not miss a one.

Think of a podcast as similar to the old serial radio shows popular in the early 1900’s, but better. Podcasts go with you!

How will listening to a podcast make you a better researcher?

  • Learn as you go.  Since podcasts are downloadable to your smartphone, you can listen while you are taking a walk, cleaning house or traveling.
  • Podcasts offer free genealogy education. Learn about new genealogy resources, research techniques and in-depth interviews of expert researchers.

The Best Genealogy Podcasts You Do Not Want To Miss

Let’s talk about genealogy podcasts and which ones you definitely want to include on your list.

 Genealogy Gems by Lisa Louise Cooke

The Genealogy Gems  podcast is one of the first genealogy podcasts I started following ,and one you want on your “to listen to”  list. In over 225 episodes, Lisa Louise Cooke shares best research practices and resources in an engaging conversational style.  You will come away with genealogy “gems” to help you find your ancestors.

Genealogy Guys

The Genealogy Guys podcast is another favorite of mine and many other genealogy researchers!  Drew Smith and George Morgan will keep you up to date on the latest genealogy news from the “big” companies and a variety of topics all genealogy related. Choose from over 350 episodes to listen to. 

john haley and son 1880's

Extreme Genes

Scott Fisher hosts Extreme Genes where he shares genealogy resources and techniques to keep the genealogy researcher moving forward in their pursuit of ancestors. Check out episode 200 where Scott and I talk about tracing scoundrel ancestors in court records.  

Genealogy Happy Hour

The Genealogy Happy Hour is a new-to-me podcast, I am delighted to have found! Hosted by Amy Lay & Penny Burke Bonawitz (AKA The Two Blondes), this podcast shares genealogy resources and and strategies for discovering and documenting your family history.

Generations Cafe

Fellow genealogist and friend Amy Johnson Crow hosts the Generations Cafe. Amy covers all topics genealogy and family history related. Most episodes are under 30 minutes making them an efficient way to fill into your genealogy education needs. Check out episode 27 and listen to Amy and I discuss using Pinterest in genealogy.


Research Like a Pro

Diana Elder and Nicole Dyer are the mother/daughter team behind the Research Like a Pro podcast and focus on research methodology to take your family history research to the level.  Don’t miss this talented genealogy duo!

Maple Stars and Stripes: Your French-Canadian Genealogy Podcast

Maple Stars and Stripes: Your French-Canadian Genealogy Podcast is hosted by Sandra Goodwin. Sandra shares resources and tips to find and document your French-Canadian roots. Learn the records groups, the culture and methodology for researching French-Canadian ancestry.

Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper to People

Another “new to me” genealogy podcast is Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper to People hosted by Carolynn ní Lochlainn. Carolynn focuses on the getting the names of your ancestors off the paper and turning them into multidimensional people. I’m quite fond of the Family Cookbook episodes!

The Genealogy Professional

Are you considering taking your hobby of genealogy research to the professional level? Already a professional genealogy researcher, but want to up level your business? If so, go and listen to The Genealogy Professional hosted by Marian Pierre-Louis. 

How To Listen To a Genealogy Podcast

You have several options available for listening to your favorite podcasts.

From your computer:

Perhaps the easiest way to listen in on the podcast’s website. Simply go to the website, find the episode you wish to listen to and click to play.

Download the podcasts to your phone or tablet and listen on-the-go.  If you have a iphone, go to the Apple Podcast app to listen. As an android phone user, I use the Stitcher app to find and listen to my favorite genealogy podcasts. To never miss an episode of your favorite podcast, you have the option to subscribe to the podcast.

Genealogy education in your ears and on the go! If only we had enough hours in a day to listen to all the episodes!  

Share you favorite genealogy podcasts in the comments below!

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  • Gray Stabley

    Lisa, Thanks for putting this list together. You have given me two new podcasts to listen to!
    I also like the Ancestral Findings Podcast. They are pretty short and very interesting.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • George G Morgan

    Just want to correct your article. The Genealogy Guys Podcast debuted on 5 September 2005. It IS the longest running genealogy podcast in the world. It’s hosting service, Libsyn, tells us that it is in the top 10% of podcasts it hosts, a not insubstantial figure. other podcasts came and ent, but Genealogy Gems did not precede The Genealogy Guys Podcast. And we also produce the Genealogy Connect podcast as well as The Genealogy Guys Blog for people who want news and more in between episodes.

    Thank you for mentioning The Genealogy Guys Podcast!


  • Andrew Martin

    Hi Lisa,
    The Family Histories Podcast is my favourite genealogy podcast at the moment, but I’d say it’s closely seconded by Genealogy Gems – which I’ve stuck with for years now.

    best wishes

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