Get started finding your UK ancestors the frugal way. Free genealogy websites for you your UK genealogy research. #genealogy #free #familyhistory
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Where To Find Free Genealogy Courses – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Free genealogy courses and webinars are a great way to improve a researcher’s genealogy research skills and increase the chance of finding your ancestors.

Genealogy researchers are continually learning and trying to improve their genealogy research skills.  Fortunately, many free genealogy courses are available online! Get ready to improve your genealogy research skills from the comfort of you couch.

Face it, as we get deeper into our ancestor’s research, we come across new areas of genealogy we know little about.  Maybe you find yourself stuck while tracing a female ancestor.  Or perhaps you have tracked your ancestor “across the pond” back to England, but you know nothing about researching UK ancestors.  

You need to learn a new set of research skills. You are in luck! 

Many free genealogy courses and webinars as well as general genealogy educational options are available online. 🙂

A list of free genealogy websites to find your UK ancestors. Save money while researching genealogy the frugal way. #genealogy #free #familyhistory
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Free Genealogy Courses & Education Opportunities

1.The FamilySearch Learning Center offers an extensive list of free online genealogy classes. Topics include “how to” and strategies for genealogy research worldwide. The FamilySearch Learning Center is a “don’t miss” stop in pursuit of your genealogy education.

2. Ancestry’s Academy – Another great stop in your pursuit of genealogy education!  Ancestry’s Academy has a webinars on a variety of topics including basic skills, DNA and location based research. 

Access to's Academy

3. Legacy Family Tree Webinars offers many of its webinars free  to watch live or for a limited time after the live presentation.  Legacy Family Tree Webinars does have a paid subscription option as well that offers on-demand access to all of its webinars.   

4. The American Ancestors (NEHGS) offers free online genealogy webinars on a variety of genealogy topics with a good emphasis on New England genealogy, too.  A (free) guest registration is required.

A list of free genealogy websites to find your UK ancestors. Save money while researching genealogy the frugal way. #genealogy #free #familyhistory

5. The UK National Archives – Have UK ancestors? The UK National Archives offers free genealogy webinars and podcast episodes to help you learn how to track those UK ancestors. 

6. BYU Continuing Education – BYU offers excellent free genealogy and family history courses. 

7. Don’t overlook genealogical societies for free genealogy webinars.  The North Carolina Genealogical Society  offers free to the public replays of selected recorded webinars as well as a couple of webinars always available to the public. Check the offerings of genealogical societies in the areas where you research.

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Now let’s explore one of my favorite places to find great free genealogy education – YouTube!

8. YouTube has many excellent genealogy channels where you can find quick tips or in-depth videos on just about any genealogy related topic.  Here are a just a few you will want to explore:


These 5 are just samples of what you can find on YouTube.  Find more genealogy related videos and webinars by typing “genealogy” or “familyhistory” in the search bar at the top of the YouTube page.  

Do you have a favorite free genealogy course? Share in the comments!

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