A free printable quick genealogy task list of research tasks to be done in short 15 minute time increments. Research your genealogy when short on time. #genealogy #free #checklist
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Free Printable – 15 Quick Genealogy Tasks To Do in 15 Minutes

Genealogy can be time consuming.  You feel like you just get started researching your ancestor and you are out of time for that day. It happens to me, and I know it happens to you! A lack of time is one of the most common frustrations I hear from readers.

I have good news for you!

You CAN perform quick genealogy tasks in 15 minute time increments!  Next time you have 15 minutes free to research, use this list to get you started.  I’ve also provided you with a free printable version at the bottom of this post.

15  Quick Genealogy Tasks You Can Do In 15 Minutes + A Free Printable!

1.Brainstorm 15 minute tasks.

2. File records (paper and/or digital)

3. Label photographs.

4. Re-check a database for updates.

5. Outline a research plan. (Learn more about how to create your genealogy research plan here.)

6. Determine what needed records exist and where to find them.

7. Join a genealogy related Facebook group. Use the search bar on the Facebook page to search groups by surname, location or genealogy topic of interest!

8. Post a query in a Facebook group.

9. Answer a question in a Facebook group.

10. Gather supplies for your next research trip.

11. Create your genealogy education plan.

12. Watch a genealogy video tutorial video. Find great genealogy videos on the Family History Fanatics YouTube channel.

13. Order a DNA test kit.

14. Read a genealogy blog post or two.

15. Order a vital record.

BONUS: Check Google Books for family and county histories pertinent to your research.

Did you think of a quick genealogy task you can do in under 15 minutes?  Add it in the comments below.

Download this free printable genealogy tasks list here and keep it close by when you have a few minutes to research.

[gview file=”https://lisalisson.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/15-genealogy-checklist.pdf”]

Find 15 MORE  quick genealogy tasks in this second post!  


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Free Printable - 15 Quick Genealogy Tasks To Do in 15 Minutes. Fun and quick genealogy tasks checklist when you are short on time. #free #genealogy #checklist
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    A 15 MINUTE TASK. If you are lucky this could be a 15 minute task. Order some archival photograph pockets or ring binder pockets for all the latest files you need to save from your other 15 minute tidying tasks.

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