Use time saving apps for your genealogy research to get more done and be a more efficient researcher. Both iOs and android app available.
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Time Saving Apps For Genealogy Researchers

Genealogy research takes time.  No one will deny that.  One clue leads us to the next and the next and we just keep researching. We break through one brick wall only to be confronted by another time consuming brick wall.

A “quick look up” turns into 2 hours of researching…..

Dinner is late again!

Yes, genealogy research does take time.


Are you utilizing good time saving research techniques and apps?

Time Saving Apps For Genealogy Researchers

Your best time timing research tool is your genealogy research plan.  We have discussed in other posts the importance of being clear on your research objective to ensure research success and efficiency.

Now let’s talk tech!

Utilizing technology can help you save time and research more efficiently.

Genealogy Specific Apps

Smartphone and tablet apps are helpful when researching on the go or when you find you have a few minutes to research. Most of the large genealogy databases have their own apps. These apps can be synced between your computer, smartphone and/or tablet.  You can quickly access your family tree at a moments notice.

Apps to Organize Your Genealogy Research

  • Google Drive – My all-time favorite! Google drive is free and incredibly versatile and can be used in both your genealogy and non-genealogy life.  Google Drive is cloud storage and syncs across all of my devices. The ability to share documents and folders is particularly helpful when you work with a research partner.
  • Dropbox – Dropbox is similar to Google Drive and a service/app that I have used for years, too.
  • Trello – Trello has become a favorite project manager app and also syncs across my devices. Create research plans and break the plan into individual steps.  Trello took some work for me to become comfortable using it for my genealogy research, but has quickly become indispensable in my research.
  • Evernote –  Evernote is a powerful tool for genealogists and non-genealogists alike.  You can capture ideas, bookmarks, screenshots, etc from around the web.  Evernote also acts as a note taking tool and syncs between your other devices including your smartphone and tablet. You can choose between free and paid plans. (I currently use the free plan.) Kerry Scott’s  How to Use Evernote for Genealogy: A Step by Step Guide to Organize Your Research and Boost Your Genealogy is a fabulous resource for organizing your genealogy.  Many of Kerry’s tips are great for non-genealogists, too.
  • Asana – Asana is another time  and project managing website/app. If you research on multiple family lines with multiple people, this may be a good option for you.

I have used all of these at some point and currently, Google Drive  and Trello are my favorites. Oh yes, they are FREE!

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Apps to Keep Small Research Tasks Organized

  • Tiny Scanner – Tiny Scanner turns your smartphone into a portable scanner!  Scan your research documents into pdf’s and choose to upload to your computer and/or share directly with your research partner. Tip: Set to have your scans automatically upload to your cloud storage (such as Google Drive) when your phone is connected to wifi.
  • Photoscan by Google – An excellent app for scanning family photographs! It’s easy, makes glare-free scans and even detects a photo’s edge and automatically straightens! Your scans can be automatically backed up in free Google Photos app, too.
  • Pocket – Short on time to read all of those great blog posts? Pocket allows you to save blog posts, webpages, videos, etc to read later.  Waiting at the doctor’s office or that looong post office line?  Open the Pocket app and catch on Are You My Cousin?‘s latest blog posts.
  • Google Keep – Google Keep is another Google based app I have come to rely on – especially when I am on the go.  In the middle of researching one genealogy brick wall only to think of a record to check for another line? Type or speak a quick note in your Google Keep app and move on with your original research. Think of Google Keep notes as digital sticky notes. Even better, Google Keep will sync across your devices, too.

Let technology help you save time  and streamline your genealogy research. Choose one app and explore it thoroughly. Learn how to use it.  If that app does not work for you… worries. Many versions exist and you may well find one that suits your needs better.

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  • Debby Putman

    Lisa, this is great! You always have something more to consider.
    The app I use is Splashtop for the information I don’t want in the cloud. It allows me to access my home computer directly and to work on it remotely, including going on line and emailing from that home computer with an attachment that is only on that computer. Just another thought. Thanks again!

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