The Are You My Cousin? Genealogy Planner
Organize Your Genealogy

The Are You My Cousin? Genealogy Planner

I get it.

Genealogy research can be hectic and busy and overwhelming all at the same time. There is always more research to do and not enough time to get it all done, and at the end of the day, sometimes it feels we have a pile of documents and notes we do not know how to bring into some order to record our research.

You crave a simple resource that offers a way of taking the disorganization overwhelm out of your genealogy research. You want an all-in-one planner that allows them to be purposeful with their research time, money, and resources, to focus on their long term research goals while still managing to hunt down ancestors amidst the day-to-day responsibilities of working and staying connected to their families. 

I’m here to help. Learn more about   The Are You My Cousin? Genealogy Planner  HERE.

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