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Old Family Photos

From Dusty Albums to Digital Treasures – Scan and Organize Old Family Photos

Family photos collecting dust in boxes? Scan and organize those photos using the Photomyne app, so you can preserve those cherished photos.

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It’s no surprise in my family that I am the keeper of old family photos!

Not just the photos, but the photo albums, slides, and other family keepsakes. (Seriously, you should see my closet!)

As I’ve helped my parents sort and clean in preparation for a move, we came across forgotten family photos and slides.

Added to the photos I’ve collected over the years, and well…. there are a lot.

Honestly, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed when it comes to scanning, preserving and organizing all of my old family photos. I keep thinking “someday” I’ll get it done.

Desk with old family photos scattered on it. Includes light pad and old album

Someday I’ll have more time…..

Well, SOMEDAY is here. I’m getting started!

Looking at my scanning options, one of the most important features I wanted was speed, and it had to be easy. I wanted to find the fastest, most efficient (and best) way to scan and preserve my photos.

I also wanted to organize them and share them, too, but first I had to scan them

Old suitcase with old camera and a scattering of black and white photos.
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Why Should You Scan Our Old Family Photos?

Let’s back up a moment and discuss WHY we should scan those photos.

Scanning our photos will:

  • Preserve them and safe guard them for future generations.
  • Capture family photos when visiting relatives and/or “on the go”.
  • Help us share those cherished family photos with other other family members.

Sharing my old family photos is also a “someday” project, but my first priority is to scan them.

Photo Scanning Options, and How I Scan Mine

You have options for scanning your old photos. You can use a flat bed scanner, but it can be slow and only works when you are at home.

You could send your photos off to a company to have them scanned, but, for me personally, I don’t want to let them out of my  hands like that.

Cell phones have come a long ways as well as their apps, and that’s why I chose to use the Photomyne app. It literally turns my phone into a scanner!

Additionally, I choose to use Photomyne because it’s easy. It’s quick and since my cell phone is with me 24/7 (Don’t judge!), my scanner is, too! At my mom and dad’s recently, I just whipped it out as we came across forgotten photos. 

Now back to those boxes and boxes of old family photos that need scanning.

If you skipped it, head back up to the top and watch the video.

In it I show you how I use Photomyne to scan photos, photo albums and even old negatives I found.

I think I even found an early one of my grandfather in one of the negatives!

How cool is that!

Now get those old family photos out of the closet and get scanning!

Here are the links that are mentioned in video:

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  • Janis Stewart

    Thank you for your presentation. I had looked at Photomyme previously but had discounted it, probably because it involved a subscription, but some of the features it has certainly warrant a second look. As the keeper of all family photos, I have an enormous collection and a number of the older ones are unidentified relatives, a number of these were taken by professional photographers. I have been looking for an app or some software that involves photo (facial) comparison and recognition. Do you know if anything exists that would help me identify the relatives in these old photos? Most of them are from the 1800’s and there are no living family members who are able to help with this.

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