Regardless of the genealogy conference size (multi-day or a single day), you will get more out of your conference if you have a plan. Your plan does not have to be a big elaborate thing. In fact, the simpler, the better.
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How To Create A Plan For Attending Your Genealogy Conference

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The genealogy conference season is getting started. [Be still, my researcher’s heart!]

The NGS 2017 Family History Conference starts 10 May 2017  in Raleigh, NC.

You are going, right? It’s not too late to sign up. (Here is your subtle hint!)

NGS 2017 conference promo


Do you have a plan for the genealogy conference/workshop you plan to attend?

Regardless of the conference size (multi-day or a single day), you will get more out of your conference if you have a plan. Your plan does not have to be a big elaborate thing.  In fact, the simpler, the better.

You will get more out of a conference or workshop if you have defined for yourself what you want to know or learn.  This concept of planning should sound familiar. Just as you create research plans for successful genealogy research, creating a genealogy conference plan ensures you have a successful conference experience.

Let’s Create Your Genealogy  Conference Plan!

Before you go…..

Define your overall goal.

Do you just want to learn about a specific topic of research. Great.

Legal pad reading Your Conference Plan - What do you want to learn or achieve? Be specific

Look at the conference program and plan which sessions will help you reach this goal.

I am a “paper and pencil”  kind of conference goer!  I use my favorite paper mate flair pens to mark the conference program.  If you want to get really fancy, color code your first, second and third choices. (I do!)

Legal pad reading In the programs, mark the sessions you wish to attend

Do you want to find information or guidance on a research question unique to your ancestors?

Use the program to determine which expert(s) you want to make a point of talking with.

Legal pad reading Which expert do you want to talk to?

Are you interested in learning about a particular genealogy product or software?

Determine which vendors will be there and visit them in the vendor’s hall.

Legal pad reading Which vendor do you want to talk to?

Tip: Choose an off time to approach the vendor.  You will receive more uninterrupted attention.

Don’t skip the step of writing out your specific questions to ask an expert or vendor. (I know you want to.) If you do, you risk forgetting an important question you meant to ask.


Leave room in your genealogy conference plan to be flexible! Some of your best conversations and learning opportunities may come up as you make new genealogy friends.

Wondering what to take to your next genealogy conference?  Check out 5 Tips To Have a Fantastic First Genealogy Conference Experience. 

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