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Pinterest and Genealogy - A Great Combination

I love Pinterest! I use it for all kinds of things including genealogy.  I pin links of sites to explore further, sites to use in my genealogy research, references to states and counties where I research…. The list goes can (and does) go on and on. I organize my Pinterest boards into categories so I can easily find the things I have pinned again. Hint: If your Pinterest boards get too big (i.e. have so many pins that finding what you are looking for is difficult, subdivide your cateogory into another board(s).

Here is a peek at a few of  my Pinterest boards.

North Carolina Pinterest Boards
This is a Sample of 4 Genealogy Boards on My Pinterest Page

I also use Pinterest to follow other genealogists and genealogy bloggers. Sharing resources is a great benefit of using Pinterest in your genealogy. Below are a dozen genealogists and and/or genealogy bloggers I follow on Pinterest.

So, who do I follow in the genealogy world on Pinterest?

Here are 12 of  Genealogy bloggers and pinners you will want to follow on Pinterest.

  1. Valerie Elkins of Family Cherished
  2. Geneabloggers
  3. Jill Ball of Geniaus
  4. Caroline Pointer of 4 Your Family Story
  5. Sarah Burnes-Heiner of Teach Me Genealogy
  6. Jana Last of Jana’s Genealogy and Family History Blog
  7.  Cheri Hudson Passey of Carolina Girl Genealogy
  8. The Southern Genealogist
  9. Corn and Cotton Genealogy 
  10. Lorine McGinnis Schulze of Olive Tree Genealogy

This is by no means a complete listing of genealogists and genealogy bloggers on Pinterest. My hope is this list of Pinners will get you thinking about how you can utilize Pinterest in your research process.

Now it is your turn…..

Who do you follow on Pinterest?

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