Identify Your Ancestor In that Photo Ebook
Old Family Photos

Identify Your Ancestor In That Photograph

How to identify your ancestor in an old photograph is tough.

I get it.

Genealogy researchers often are the recipients of a family’s old photographs. Yet, these old family photos come to us unlabeled and unorganized. The task of identifying your ancestors in the photographs seems daunting if not impossible. Could your family photo collection contain a great grandparent who is simply not recognized?

Old Family Photo Album

You crave a resource with strategies to guide them through the steps of identifying their old family photos. You want a resource that will allow you to be strategic in analyzing and labeling your old family photos. Why? Identifying that old family photograph allows that individual’s story to be told and strengthens family ties with current and new generations to come.

I’m here to help.  The updated and expanded  Identify Your Ancestor in That Photograph: Strategies to Analyze & Determine Who Is In Your Family Photographs Ebook + Workbook  is ready!  Learn more HERE.

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