Organizing your genealogy records does not have to be overwhelming. Really, it doesn't.
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Organize Your Genealogy!

Everyone should move once every 20 years!  We did just that.  Packing up my genealogy research, my ancestors’ photographs and all of the various family ephemera, I discovered I am NOT organized.  (What’s worse?  I thought I was.)

Genealogy notes tucked here and there.

Boxes of old family photographs still to be identified and scanned.

In the closet.  On the shelf. On my computer.

Obviously I needed help!

Raise your hand if you are like me.  (Please don’t let me be the only one!)

Judging by the number of Pinterest boards labeled some variation of  “Genealogy Organization”, I think many researchers do fall into this group.

Organizing your genealogy records does not have to be overwhelming.  Really, it doesn’t.

I turned to the experts (genealogists and non-genealogist alike) to help with my organization. You, too, can find many ideas for organizing  on Pinterest!  Below is a round up of great Pinterest boards and other sources of organizing tips for getting your genealogy organized.

Pinterest Genealogy Organization Boards to Inspire You!

Genealogy Organization Pinterest Boards

Need more help? Check out 4 Great Organizing Books!

All of these are great books for helping you get organized.  Just don’t let them become clutter!  Use them.

Books to Help Organize Your Genealogy

5 Great Posts on Organizing Your Genealogy

Other genealogy bloggers have tackled the organization issue.  You and I are not alone.  Let these fabulous bloggers inspire you.

 2 “Non-Genealogy” Posts For Organizing Your Digital Photos

Organize Your Digital Photographs

The more traditional “mom blogs” are good resources for learning about organization. Jen and Andrea are two of my favorites. These non-genealogy blogs have some great tips for organizing your digital photographs.

Now we have no  excuse for not getting your genealogy files and photos organized!

Did you find an organizational tip or resource that inspired you?  Share it in the comments below.

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Organizing your genealogy records does not have to be overwhelming. Really, it doesn't.
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