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Current Genealogy Speaking Topics

[NEW KEYNOTE] Culinary Heritage: Finding Home Within Yourself

Food is deeply ingrained in family history and heritage. Recipes, cookware, traditions, and memories are passed from generation to generation. Learn how to discover, celebrate and reserve your family’s food traditions and memories.

[NEW] Beyond Birth and Death Records: Leveraging Oral Histories for Genealogy Breakthroughs

Discover how to break through genealogy brick walls with oral history. Learn how to find and interview relatives, analyze and incorporate oral history into genealogy research, and document and cite oral history sources. This talk also covers common obstacles and reasons preventing people from pursuing oral history.

The 12 Days of Genealogy Christmas – Finding Ancestors in Holiday Records 🎄

Merry Christmas! The holidays are coming and despite all the busyness of the season, Christmas (and holidays in general) is a fantastic time of year to research your genealogy and family history. Discover the types of holiday resources to include in your search for your ancestors.

How To Build An Email List For Your Genealogy Business (& Why You Should!)

Genealogy societies need an email list to communicate with its society members and potential members.. Many societies already have an email list, but are unsure how to use their list or what types of emails to send. Learn how to build your society’s email list and how to use that list to serve your members and grow your society.

[NEW] Discover Your Family’s Medical History Through Genealogy Research

Have you considered your ancestors’ medical histories? Genealogy records provide lots of information on an ancestor’s health if you know where to look. Discover information on your ancestor’s health and how their medical history impacted their lives.

Finding Clues To Your Ancestors Hidden in Social History

Social history tells the story of our ancestors’ lives and fills in the gaps in our genealogical research. Understanding how our ancestors lived and the events that impacted their lives leads to sharing their full stories and connections. This lecture explores how to find and include social history into your genealogy research.

[UPDATED] Be a Genealogy Detective: Solving the Puzzle of Your Ancestors Despite Courthouse Fires

Your ancestors’ records were destroyed in a courthouse fire! Now what? Researching ancestors who lived in a burned county can be particularly frustrating. Do researchers have options to progress their research? This lecture will include 5 strategies for finding and researching ancestors who lived in an area where needed courthouse records did not survive.

Before She Was a Mrs…Discovering Your Female Ancestors

Finding female ancestors often feels like an impossible task. Learn strategies to discover her in the traditional and non-traditional records.

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Research Genealogy the Frugal Way

Genealogy research can be expensive, but it does not have to be.  Subscription databases, travel to repositories, and hiring research out can all strain a budget. This lecture will explore many free and low cost strategies and options available to  the genealogy researcher. 

[UPDATED] Exploring the Road Less Traveled: Uncommon Resources for Genealogy Enthusiasts

Genealogy researchers create their own brick walls in research projects by failing to look beyond the traditional genealogical records. Researchers must think “outside the box” and explore lesser known record sets and records unique to an ancestor’s community to start breaking down those genealogical brick walls. This lecture will discuss uncommon genealogy resources and where to find them. 

Finding Clues To Your Ancestors In Underused City Directories

City directories hold fascinating facts and clues of your ancestors beyond placing him/her in a specific time and place. Are you finding and interpreting all of the clues? This session will discuss the types of information found in city directories, online and offline resources for the directories and how to discover your ancestors’ stories in their pages.

Putting a Face to a Name – Finding Old Family Photos

Are you wondering what your ancestors looked like?  Do you know if family photographs of your ancestors even exist? Explore online and offline resources to search for old family photographs and put a face to your ancestor’s name.

Need more clues for your genealogy research? Explre online and offline sources for social history impacting your ancestors' lives.

Other topics are available upon request.

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