MASTERCLASS: Who Is In That Old Family Photo?

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A Masterclass To Identify The People In Your Old Family Photos!

You stare at the faces in those old family photos and wonder…..Who is this? Are we related?

You are frustrated. You know that woman in the photo is one of your ancestors. You feel a sense of connection and perhaps even see vaguely familiar features. But who is this person? What is their relationship to you? What is their story?

You are wondering how to begin the process of analyzing and identifying the people in those photographs. Is it even possible?

Where should you even start the process? What is the first step in analyzing a family photograph?

Yes, dear reader, it’s possible! After staring at a boxes – literally! – of old family photos and feeling that same wonderment and frustration, I got to work identifying those old family photos. I put names to faces and want to help you do the same.

Hi, I’m Lisa!

I started researching my ancestors 12 years ago and quickly got stuck on the some of the female lines in my family tree.. I found myself with no idea what records to search or how to them hidden in the records I had.

I buckled down and studied my female ancestors and the records where they might appear. After years of research, I now know how to create my own female ancestor research plan. I know where to look and how to find the needed resources. Do I always find every female ancestor? Well, no, not always, but I am assured I’ve completed and documented an exhaustive search of the available records. 

Having gained the confidence in genealogy research skills and performing exhaustive researches, I want to help others discover the women in their family tree.

Here’s everything you will learn inside of “Who Is In That Old Family Photo?”

  • The 8 steps to analyze your old family photo.
  • The many online resources available to help you. (Many of free.)
  • How to use crowdsourcing to learn more about that family photo.
  • You will receive a comprehensive handout.
  • Bonus! How to analyze those candid family photos for social history.
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In this 90’ish minute masterclass class you will learn how to begin analyzing your old family photographs so that you can confidently put a name to the face, find clues pertinent to your genealogy research and more completely tell your ancestor’s story!

This training can save you hours of staring at that family photograph wondering and move you closer to putting a name to the face in the photo.

Here’s How It Works:

WHAT is the Masterclass?

Who Is In That Family Photo? is a 90’ish minute masterclass on using strategies and resources for discovering the identity of the men and women in an old family photo. It’s packed full of strategy and resources and includes a full handout.

WHEN is the Masterclass?

Who Is In That Family Photo? is available for immediate access, so you can start learning immediately!

WHAT ELSE should you know about the masterclass?

Participating in Who Is In That Family Photo? includes:

  • Access to the webinar video replay
  • Comprehensive handout including links to resources and helpful tools.
  • My exclusive  Photo ID Checklist

 Ready to start analyzing your old family photos and putting a name to a face?

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Who Is In That Old Family Photo? is perfect for the genealogy researcher who:

  • Is a beginner to intermediate level genealogy researcher
  • Is struggling to identify individuals in old family photos
  • Does not know how to find the needed resources to assist in photo identification
  • Wants to ensure their ancestor’s face is not forgotten


Who Is In That Old Family Photo? might not be quite right for you if:

  • You are looking a quick answers.
  • You do not have the time to practice your analytical skills
  • Your old family photo(s) need extensive restoration before an analysis can take place.

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In this 90’ish minute masterclass webinar I will show you how to work through 8 steps to analyze your old family photo and begin the putting a name to the face(s) in the your photographs, so that you can introduce your ancestors to your family!

IMPORTANT NOTE: As happens in genealogy research, records and family information do not always survive. The strategies I show will ensure a solid analysis of your family photo, but does not guarantee your ancestors can be identified. 


I want you to be completely satisfied. If you feel you haven’t learned anything new, let me know within a week and I’ll give you a refund


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