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Hi, I’m Lisa!

I started researching my ancestors 12 years ago and quickly got stuck on the some of the female lines in my family tree.. I found myself with no idea what records to search or how to them hidden in the records I had.

I buckled down and studied my female ancestors and the records where they might appear. After years of research, I now know how to create my own female ancestor research plan. I know where to look and how to find the needed resources. Do I always find every female ancestor? Well, no, not always, but I am assured I’ve completed and documented an exhaustive search of the available records. 

Having gained the confidence in genealogy research skills and performing exhaustive researches, I want to help others discover the women in their family tree.

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The training is completely self paced and can be done at your convenience.


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Your enrollment in  Finding Female Ancestors includes:

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IMPORTANT NOTE: As happens in genealogy research, records do not always survive. The strategies I show will ensure an exhaustive research, but does not guarantee full answers to your female ancestors can be found. 


I want you to be completely satisfied. If you feel you haven’t learned anything new, let me know within a week and I’ll give you a refund


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