Your ancestors' yearbooks can be a genealogical gold mine as you learn more about their lives. Enjoy these tips for finding ancestors' yearbooks.
Tuesday's Genealogy Tip

Tuesday’s Genealogy Tip – Where to Find Your Ancestor’s Yearbooks

As genealogy researchers we know yearbooks can be valuable sources of information.


Where do you find your ancestor’s yearbooks?

Here in our area we are coming up on the beginning of school year.  This seems like a good time to discuss a bit about school records and what school records can help you with your genealogy research.

School Yearbooks + Genealogy

Let’s take a look at yearbooks. I want you to try and track down your ancestor’s yearbooks.

Sometimes you can find yearbooks online or in local libraries. Another good place that people fail to look is the local school system where the school was located. If that school no longer exists, that’s okay.  At that point I would recommend you check the local historical society, the local genealogical society and the local library.

Frequently, when schools no longer exist, they might donate their old yearbooks to these organizations.Yearbooks might also be donated by former students who no longer wish to keep those yearbooks or are downsizing, but don’t have the heart to throw them out. (and thank goodness they don’t!).

Once you have located your ancestor’s yearbook, you are going to be amazed at what you can find in that yearbook: photographs, your ancestor’s friends, and more about an ancestor’s life as a person. All of this information adds a lot of color to their lives and can provide you clues to further your research.

Do you want to learn more places to find your ancestor’s photographs? Watch  Finding Your Ancestors’ Photographs in Unexpected Places  – a free webinar by Caroline Guntur  (The Swedish Genealogist) and myself.

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