Post RootsTech 2020 Flash Sale!!!


Flash SALE on 3 E-Book Bundle!

Save $10 and get 3 E-books for just  $25 

E-Book Bundle includes:

  • Identify Your Ancestor in That Photograph
  • 31 Days of “Out of the Box” Genealogy Tips
  • How to Research Genealogy in a Burned County





I recently attended RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City. Roaming the Expo Hall is one of my favorite activities.  As a frugal genealogy researcher I wish you could all take advantage of the special conference pricing on the variety of  genealogy items and books.

So….. I’m having a “Post RootsTech Flash Sale” on a special e-book bundle!

This  e-book bundle includes:

  • The Identify Your Ancestor in That Photograph: Strategies to Analyze & Determine Who Is In Your Family Photographs Ebook + Workbook 
    • Systematically progress through the needed steps identify your unidentified photo.
    • Enable you to determine the approximate age of a photograph
    • Provide the reader with numerous resources to use when identifying a family photo.
    • Establish habits to organize your research documents and notes for easy retrieval when needed in the future.
    • Become a more purposeful and efficient researcher as you work with your family photo collection.


  • 31 Days of “Out of the Box” Genealogy Tips
    • Thirty-one genealogy tips that are “out of the box” and ready to add to your genealogy toolbox.


  • How To Research Genealogy In A Burned County
    • Researching  individuals who lived in a burned county can be quite a challenge! But… does not have to be an impossible task. Using strategies to analyze your ancestor’s life alongside non-county records, you can be successful in learning more about them.

All three (3) e-books valued at $35  for just $25!  


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