RootsTech 2020 The Story of You

Are You My Cousin? at RootsTech 2020

Join thousands of genealogy researchers for RootsTech 2020. Learn genealogy research how-to’s and explore new genealogy resources in the expo hall!

RootsTech 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the RootsTech genealogy conference. Let’s celebrate!

Not familiar with RootsTech?

Let’s just say it’s the “Granddaddy of all genealogy conferences”. [Yes, that’s a Southern expression. After all, I’m from the south!]

RootsTech 2020 includes:

  • 300 sessions on a variety of genealogy topics
  • Celebrity Speakers
  • A Large Expo Hall with lots of educational mini-sessions, too.

 It’s 4 days of non-stop genealogy. Be still, my genealogy heart!

It is not too late to attend RootsTech this year. Find all the details here.

Connect With Are You My Cousin? at RootsTech 2020

Download my complete schedule here.

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I will be attending RootsTech again this year. If  you attending as well, there are several ways you can connect with me.

Attend an Are You My Cousin? Session

Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 1:30 PM  (Ballroom B)

Put a Face to a Name – Finding Old Family Photos 

Do you know what your ancestors looked like? Genealogists all want to find photographs of our ancestors, but are frustrated few if any old family photos survive in the family. This does not mean the photographs do not exist.

Researchers need to think about their ancestors’ lives. They need to think about an ancestor’s activities and who was in their social circle. Were they in the military? Was faith important to the family? The more information known about one’s ancestors, the better the chance of finding a photograph of them. In this session, the researcher will explore both online and offline strategies and resources to search for our ancestors’ photos.

Thursday, Feb 27 at 3:00 PM (Room 151)

Using Social History To Fill In Genealogical Gaps 

Social history tells the story of our ancestors’ lives and can potentially fill in the gaps in our genealogical research. Understanding how our ancestors lived and the events that impacted their lives and community leads the researcher to be able to share their full stories and connections to family. 

This session will include a discussion of a variety of types of social history records, where to find sources of social history, how to incorporate those sources into one’s research.

Watch/Listen to Are You My Cousin?’s Live Podcast Interview

Friday, Feb 28 at 12:45 PM

Listen – and watch – as Are You My Cousin? is interviewed on the Genealogy Gems Podcast about  Planning and Organizing Your Genealogy Research!

Are You My Cousin? in the RootsTech 2020 Expo Hall

Wednesday, Feb 26 – 5:30 – 8:00 PM

Genealogy Business Alliance Booth #1322

Stop by Wednesday  and say “Hello!” 

Thursday – Saturday, Feb 27 – 29 

The Genealogy Gems Booth #1402

Find Are You My Cousin?  hanging out with Lisa Louise Cooke of The Genealogy Gems Podcast and Devon and Andy Lee of the Family History Fanatics. Stop by and join the fun!

Rootstech 2020 Expo hall map
RootsTech 2020 Expo Hall Map

Follow the Are You My Cousin? Facebook Page

I will be sharing information on new genealogy tools, new genealogy products and bringing you along with me through impromptu Facebook Lives. Make sure you are following the Are You My Cousin? Facebook Page.

Unable To Attend RootsTech?

Take advantage of RootsTech 2020’s online options if you are not able to attend in person. Free and paid options are available.


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