Mother’s Day 2015 Genealogy Gift Guide

Mother's Day Genealogy Gift Guide 2015

Mother’s Day is approaching …. fast.  May 10th will be here soon.  How will you honor your mother or special aunt or other females in your family?  Flowers? Jewelry? How about a Family History gift?  Below are some gift suggestions for the special women in your family.

Mother’s Day Genealogy Gift Guide May 2015

1. Personalized Purse Hanger from Esther’s Place – The purse hanger features a photograph of your choice and is a great way to keep your purse clean and safe. Simply hook on the table and your purse stays off the floor. When not in use, the purse hanger folds up compactly and fits nicely inside your purse.  

Personalized Purse Hanger

2. This beautiful Family Tree Print from The Freckled Owl Prints (Etsy Shop) will make a special gift for any of the women in your family this Mother’s Day.  Maybe even you?

TheFreckledOwlPrints Family Tree
Family Tree Print from The Freckled Owl Prints

3. Is your Mother the family genealogist?  Does she have a lot of family photographs?  Help her to glean family history clues from those photograph with Maureen Taylor’s Family Photo Detective: Learn How to Find Genealogy Clues in Old Photos and Solve Family Photo Mysteries and Hairstyles 1840-1900. Both are packed with lots of useful information.

4. Barb’s Branches was a recommended Etsy shop back in the Christmas 2014 Genealogy Gift Guide. Barb makes beautiful pendants, rings and other jewelry out of sterling silverware.  One of her unique tree related gifts is a treat for any woman! Barb has provided my readers with the coupon code  LISAMOMSDAY2015 for 15% off  through 10 May 2015 (Thanks, Barb!)

Genealogy Gift Guide - Necklace from Barb's Branches
Pendant from Barb’s Branches

5. Is Mom just starting the genealogy research process?  A subscription to
or would be most welcomed.

6. This vintage style Personalized Photo Charm Necklace makes a unique gift and is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. This custom round photo charm necklace features the photograph of your choice.

Personalized Photo Charm Necklace
Personalized Photo Charm Necklace from Esther’s Place (Etsy Shop)

7. Bonus!  A roll of quarters for the mom who spends time at the microfilm machine would be most welcomed! (Feel free to pass this suggestion on to my family!)

Have a unique gift idea for the genealogist on your list?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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