I have been a family history researcher for over 30 years ever since my father left me his notes on his family.   Since then I have worked with a number of other researchers who have helped me find good sources as I am a stickler for documentary proof of facts.
I consider myself very fortunate to have come in contact with Lisa Lisson.  She is diligent and clever about finding those small bits of data that connect people in obscure past records.  Beyond that, Lisa is a joy to work with, adaptable, insightful and flexible.  She takes a suggestion and works it into a plan of action adapted to my schedule and budget.  Above all she is honest about what is possible and prudent in terms of cost and results.   I have come to consider her a partner in my work.   
– Jim S.

Are You My Cousin testimonials

After both my parents died, I thought my links to my family history were lost forever. I turned to a genealogy website to try to track down information about my heritage, and found evidence that I qualified to be a Daughter of the American Revolution. Knowing that the official paperwork would require documentation of my ancestors, I turned to Lisa Lisson (no relation) for assistance. She helped track down the links between my Patriot ancestor and me, and helped me to submit my documents to become a Daughter of the American Revolution. Lisa also sent me wonderful detail-filled reports on different members of my family. I have built quite a collection of reprints of family history books based on the sources she found. Lisa’s reports and my book collection will be a resource for my young nephews when they get older and begin asking about where they came from. I can share stories of Puritans and farmers and witchcraft and Irish butchers and Indian raids and pioneers!        – Kathleen L.


Thanks for all the information which you send-so many ideas of different
genealogy titles for presentations to share with patrons.  Keep on doing your good
work.  – 


You have such a fresh and clear way of sharing information….    – Carol


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