The Process

The Process

Initial Consult

We look forward to helping you through the research process.  Our initial consult is usually done by phone and designed to see if  our services are a good fit for you. During this consult we will discuss your objectives and what research you have already done. We discuss the time and costs of your project.  If we are in agreement, then signing of our Terms of Agreement and a 50% deposit is required for us to proceed with your project.

Research Plan and Research

A research plan will be developed according to the objectives of your research project as determined in the initial consult. We will proceed with the research project and provide both positive and negative results.  All evidence will be properly cited in the final report.


For longer and/or larger projects, you will be updated periodically.

Final Report

At the conclusion of the research project, you will receive  a written report with full citations and copies of pertinent documents found. Your report/documents will be delivered to you in a  Dropbox folder. (Hard copies can be made available)