The Family Nexus App allows you to explore where your ancestors' life events took place and walk where your ancestors walked!
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Exploring Family History With The Family Nexus App

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Here’s something you may not know about me. I love all of those Indiana Jones movies!

I love the adventure and well, the treasure hunt. Researching family is a bit of a treasure hunt, too. Sometimes we’re searching for treasure online, but getting out from behind the computer is when the real  treasure hunt begins for the family historian.

Family Nexus App

The Family Nexus app is a great app for the family history treasure hunter. I met the developer David Taylor at Rootstech 2018 where he demonstrated the app’s free and premium features:

  • Automatically plots your ancestors’ life events on an interactive Google Map
  • Notifies you when you are close to the location where a historical life event took place
  • Makes learning about your ancestors fun and engaging
  • Strengthens families and encourages storytelling
  • Allows you to interact with ancestral places in many ways

(Sorry, the Indiana Jones style hat is not included.)

The Family Nexus app is currently only available for iOS phones, but having it available to Android users in the next goal. Since I have do not have an iOS phone, I asked two fellow genealogy researchers with iOS phones to share their experiences with the app.

Thank you, Paige Hanna of Our Start Up Family and Myrt of DearMYRTLE for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

1. What is your favorite feature of the Family Nexus app?
Paige: My favorite feature on the Family Nexus app is simply the ability to look at the map of the world and see the many dots representing family and events.  Tied to that is the notification system that alerts me when I am within my set range of any of those dots, making it a possibility to explore places I never knew pertained to my own families history!
Mryt: I liked the interface where a notification comes up not only on my iPhone but on my Apple Watch. This has alerted me to nearby family event locations while traveling in Missouri while my phone was in my purse. [I love the idea of being able to use the app on a “smart” watch! – Lisa]
2. How has using the Family Nexus app benefited your family history research?  2a. Can you briefly describe a family history “success” story? 
Paige: This app has made looking at family history an adventure.  It’s gotten me off the computer and out of my house, bringing the stories I’ve learned to life.
Last summer my husband and I saw a washed out town, San Marcial, NM, on a google map with a lone cemetery and decided we wanted to take our 6 kids (then ages 9 & under) on a road trip to see what we could discover.  We planned our trip from Utah, down to New Mexico, through Colorado, and back home.  Each of these states played big parts in our family history, and we used Family Nexus all along the way, stopping at little towns and really digging into family stories.
Along the way, we randomly met people who knew and lived with great grandparents, discovered the lost cemetery with a dozen family headstones, and created our own family history memories.  I loved looking at the app and telling kids who came from where along the drive, and loved getting alerts giving me details I wouldn’t have known!  You can see a little summary of our trip here:
Myrt: The Family Nexus app is useful for planning the most efficient car travel to known ancestral locations. I thought I’d just be going to the National Cemetery at Leavenworth, Kansas near the old soldier’s hospital. The app showed me I had events on the other side of the family in nearby Admire and Emporia. It would have been sad to drive hundreds of miles to Leavenworth and miss what was only 45 minutes father down the road.
The Family Nexus App allows you to explore where your ancestors' life events took place and walk where your ancestors walked! #genealogy #ancestry #areyoumycousin #familynexus #familyhistory
3. How long have you been using the Family Nexus app?
Paige: A year and a half, roughly
Myrt: I believe David [of Family Nexus] introduced me to this app 2 years ago.

Learn even more about the Family Nexus app on their website!

All you need is a FamilySearch account and an iPhone or iPad to get started for FREE!


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The Family Nexus App allows you to explore where your ancestors' life events took place and walk where your ancestors walked! #genealogy #ancestry #areyoumycousin #familyhisory #familynexus

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