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A Few of My Favorite Genealogy Things! {March 2016}

My Favorite Genealogy Things March 2016 - So many resources exist to assist us in our genealogy research and pursuits. We all have our favorites resources, tools and tech.

Today I am sharing with you a few of my favorite things – Genealogy Style!  So many resources exist to assist us in our genealogy research and pursuits.  We all have our favorites resources, tools and tech.

My favorite things for March!

You will find a lot of variety in my list this month.

1. North Carolina Research – Genealogy and Local History by Helen Leary was my first genealogy resource book and continues to  top my favorites list all the time!  As a North Carolina researcher, Leary’s book is invaluable for learning and assessing NC records. Besides all that, the genealogy research methodology presented is an excellent resource whether researching NC ancestors or not. It is always within reach when I research.

flip pal in use


2. The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner  –   As I work toward digitizing and  organizing my family and ancestors’ photographs, the Flip-Pal makes the process easier and quicker.  (Did I mention I have boxes and boxes of photographs?) The “mobile” feature makes this a great tool for my genealogy bag when I take research trips. I can scan photos and documents on the spot.  No more hoping a distant cousin will send you a copy of your ancestor’s photo.

3. The Fagor Multi Cooker –   How does a multi cooker make its way onto a favorite genealogy things list?  A multi cooker = more time for research!  I am guilty of doing a “quick look-up” for a genealogy project and when I’m done, find that two hours have passed!  (Please, tell me I’m not the only one who does this.)  The pressure cooker feature comes to the rescue and my family still gets to eat at a reasonable time.  If I know I’m going to be immersed in a research project, I use the slow cooker function and dinner is ready before I am.  My family seems to like it as much as I do.  I’m experimenting making yoghurt in it this week.

4. Family Photo Detective: Learn how to Find Genealogy Clues in Old Photos and Solve Family Photo Mysteries –  Back in January we focused on learning about our ancestors’ photographs.  Identifying the types and dates of photographs I had as well as the individuals in the photos has been an ongoing process for me since I began my genealogy research. The Photo Detective Maureen Taylor’s books have been very helpful in learning how to read the clues in my ancestors’ photographs. I highly recommend her this one to get you started. This is another resource book I keep close at hand when I research.

5. Flash Drive – A flash drive is essential to your research.  Primarily, I use my flash drive in the newer microfilm readers to download documents and images I find in my research.  This is so much easier and less expensive than printing the document and then scanning the copy into my computer.

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