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How To Research Around the 1890 Census Record Loss – Part 8: It’s a Wrap!

The loss of the 1890 U.S. Census is a stumbling block for many genealogy researchers.  “Losing” our ancestor in 1890 is the cause of many brick walls, but we do have research options to overcome these brick walls.

Devon Lee  from the Family History Fanatics and I have teamed up once again to bring you an 8-part video series focusing on how to research around the 1890 census loss. We want to  take the overwhelm out of researching your ancestors during the 1890 US Census Loss time period.  And yes, we will have fun along the way!!

In this 8th and last of our 1890 census record loss video series, Devon is wrapping all everything we learned. As genealogy researchers you do not need to throw up your hands in exasperation over the loss of the 1890 census.  You now have options!

It’s a Wrap on the 1890 Census Record Loss Video Series!

Did you miss the previous 7 videos on the 8-part series?

In our final and  8th video  in our series we  will wrap it our 1890 census video series up.

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Wrapping up tips and strategies for researching around the 1890 census record loss! Genealogy researchers do have options. #areyoumycousin #genealogy #1890census #ancestors

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