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How to Create a Family History Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and you need the perfect gift for the genealogist in your life.  Don’t panic!  I can help.

Heritage Purse Hangar
Purse Hangar Using An Early 1920’s Photo

A custom purse hook hangar is a fantastic gift for any woman in the family. The purse hanger is a great way to keep a purse clean and safe. Simply hook on the table and your purse stays off the floor. When not in use, the purse hanger folds up compactly and fits nicely inside a purse.  It is not just for Valentine’s Day either. It’s perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day….  You can create one with a family history focus by using a photograph of an ancestor like that one above. (That’s my great-grandmother Stella Holyfield White.)  Of course, you can use any photograph of your choice (i.e. grandchildren)  to personalize it for the recipient.

Purse Hangar With Children's Photo
Purse Hangar Using Children’s Photo

Let’s get started.

The Perfect Family History Themed Gift

Purse Hook Hangar Supplies


  • Purse Hook Hangar Blank with Domed Glass (I ordered mine here. You can also find these at local jewel supply stores.)
  • Diamond Glaze
  • Photo of Your Choice
  • A scanner (Ex. Flip-Pal® Mobile Scanner is a great choice!)
  • Laser Printer (or access to one)
  • 1 sheet of photographic paper
  • Exact-o Knife

Step by step:

  1. Scan the original photograph. The Flip-Pal® mobile scanner is perfect for this. (Never use your original photograph in your project!) Print your photograph using a laser printer. Do not use an inkjet printer as the ink tends to run further in the process. Stella Holyfield White
  2. Cut the copy of your photograph to the size of your setting. Tip: Trace around the glass of your setting to get the correct size.
  3. Add a small amount of diamond glaze to the back (i.e. flat side) of the domed glass piece.  Place on the photo and allow to dry. Drying times vary, but should be ready in 2-3 hours. Diamond Glaze on Domed Glass
  4. Trim off the excess diamond glaze with an exact-o knife. Add a small amount of diamond glaze to the purse hook hangar setting. Place the glass covered photograph into your setting. Position the photo and allow to dry. Diamond Glaze
  5. If a little diamond glaze gets on your setting, just use fingernail polish on a cotton ball to clean the purse hangar. Completed Purse Hook Hangar
  6. Enjoy!

Bonus Idea: You can use this same technique for personalized and family history themed rings, bracelets or necklaces! Simply purchase the blank for the type of jewelry you wish to create.

Family History and Genealogy Gift Ideas

I have done a number of these and used wedding photos as in the example above, ancestor photos and even pet pictures!

Need some other family history ideas or ways to  share your family history through photographs?

  • Family Photo Collage – A Flip-Pal® mobile scanner works well for this!
  • Heritage Bracelet or a “Grandmother Bracelet”
  • Key Chains
  • Heritage Necklace

Do you have a great gift idea using your family’s photographs?

Share your ideas (and photos, too) on the facebook page or tweet me at @AreYouMyCousin .


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