Tuesday's Genealogy Tip

Tuesday’s Genealogy Tip – Volunteer!

Listen to Tuesday’s genealogy tip and learn two reasons you should volunteer for a transcription project with your local, state or national genealogy societies.


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  • Wendy

    I can’t believe no one has left a comment on this tip. I LOVE this tip, probably because this is what I do for my historical society which is 250 miles from where I live. One quick story: I transcribed/indexed a ledger from a general store that the society thought was from 1833. When I came across an entry for the purchase of a new lock for the county jail, we had to think again because the county wasn’t formed until 1838. After considering WHO the customers were and when they lived, we realized what we were reading as “3” was actually a “5.” This transcribing project was so interesting on so many levels.

    • LisaL

      Wendy, So glad you like this tip. What an interesting story you share about your volunteer experience. I hope others get as much out of their volunteer experience, too.

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