31 Days of “Out of the Box” Genealogy Tips – The 1890 Census Fragments

July is completely focused on providing you with genealogy tips that are …..well,….”out of the box”. Welcome to DAY 19 of the 31 Days of “Out of the Box” Genealogy Tips series! Need to start at the beginning of the series or catch up? Start here. DAY 19 – The 1890 Census Fragments The loss of the 1890 census record stalls many genealogists in their research. But, it does not have to! Did you know some 1890 fragments of the census DID survive?!  According the the National Archives (NARA), fragments of the 6 parts of the census surviving include Parts of the population schedule – Over 6100 individuals in 10 different states can be found. Schedules of Union Soldiers and their widows Schedules for the Oklahoma territories Selected Delaware African Americans If your ancestor is on one of these fragments, you can proceed with the “genealogy happy dance”. Where to Find The 1890 Census Fragments The surviving population schedules and the Civil War Veterans schedules can be found on FamilySearch.org (free) and on  Ancestry.com ($).  Don’t forget to check your local library for free access to the library edition of Ancestry.com.  All you will need is your library card. Now It’s Your Turn! Make your research plan and start exploring those 1890 census fragments for your ancestors. Check out previous posts in the 31 Days of Out of the Box Genealogy Tips: :::::::::::::::::: Pin for Future Reference! Spread the love85   13Shares